Hohenlohe is like a lucky bag

There is a surprise behind every turn.

In Hohenlohe, discover intact German cultural landscapes and an attractive touristic environment with lots of art and culture. Despite the originally rural character, conveniently located. 10 minutes to the A6 motorway, 90 minutes to Stuttgart and Nuremberg airports. Only 30 minutes to Schwäbisch Hall Airport.

Hohenlohe is characterized by the two rivers Kocher and Jagst and the many side valleys. Nowhere are there so many castles and palaces, in almost every place there is a castle or castle or at least remains of past rule. The Hohenlohe plain is characterized by gentle hills and by the highest elevation of Hohenlohe: Waldenburg with 523 m above sea level. NN.

For those who like to relax on their bicycles through nature and want to discover the beauties of the region individually, Hohenlohe can experience it on the Kocher-Jagst bike path and on other bike tours such as the “hump tour”. Numerous hiking trails lead through romantic valleys, over gentle plateaus and through landscapes, whose silence and tranquility mean pure relaxation. Wild plants can be discovered along the way, the hiker talks to locals, experiences everyday farm work as well as a variety of cultural peculiarities. Whether inline skating, jogging, gliding or hang gliding, hot air balloon riding or golfing – there are a lot of possibilities for lovers of this or other active sports. But water plays a special role. Trout, carp, pikeperch, eels and pike frolic in rivers and lakes. Holders of valid fishing licenses can purchase day passes for well-stocked fish waters. “Water rats” will find a number of outdoor pools and wonderful swimming lakes. Numerous forests, vineyards and fruit fields invite you to explore … but the cultural and leisure facilities around Ingelfingen and Hohenlohe are also first class.

We have put together some highlights for you.


Look forward to an unforgettable holiday with fantastic offers and varied activities in the heart of Hohenlohe.

Museum Würth

Modern and contemporary art in an interesting alternation. Integrated in the administration building of the company headquarters, the private company museum offers an unusual encounter between art and everyday life.
Opening times: daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Hirschwirtscheuer Scharfengasse
The Hirschwirtscheuer was built as a house with a barn in 1760. Today it houses a museum for the Sommer family of artists. In addition, changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.
Opening times: Wed – Sun, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m

Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum
Im Keckenhof 4, Schwäbisch Hall, Tel. 07 91/751-289

Kunsthalle Würth
Lange Straße 35, Schwäbisch Hall, Tel. 07 91/9 46 72-0

Hohenloher Freilandmuseum
Wackershofen, Tel. 07 91/9 71 01-0,

Muschelkalkmuseum Hagdorn
Schlossstraße 3, Ingelfingen, Tel. 0 79 40/5 59 64,

Hohenloher Urweltmuseum
im Rathaus, Waldenburg, Tel. 0 79 42/108-0

im Schloss Neuenstein, Tel. 0 79 42/22 09

Karlsvorstadt 38, Öhringen, Tel. 0 79 41/3 53 94

Bad Mergentheim
Tel. 0 79 31/5 22 12

Schlossweg 1, Dörzbach,
Tel. 0 79 37/91 19 0

Hammerschmiede Gröningen
Tel. 0 79 55/33 03

Schlossmuseum und Deutsches Automuseum
Schloss 1, Langenburg, Tel. 0 79 05/9 41 90 60

theater and concerts

Dates and information in the town hall, Stuttgarter Str. 7, in the available program or: Tel. 0 79 40/129-112,

Akademie Würth
Concerts, ballet, comedy, cabaret.
Tel. 0 79 40/15-17 16,

Hohenloher Cultural summer
Music festival with classical music in castles, palaces and monasteries, Information: Hohenlohe Cultural Foundation, Allee 17, Künzelsau, Tel. 0 79 40/18-348,

Castle plays Schloss Stetten
Dates and information: Tel. 0 79 40/126-167
Tickethotline: 0 79 40/126-100,

Schwäbisch Hall
Open air plays on the stairs and globe theater, ticket office
Am Markt 9, Tel. 07 91/75 1-6 00,

Miniatureisenbahn Friedrichsruhe oder Tel. 0 70 21/ 4 96 53

Tiergehege im Öhringer Hofgarten
im Stadtzentrum beim Öhringer Schloss

Wildpark Bad Mergentheim
Tel. 0 79 31/4 13 44,

Märchenwirkstatt Gudrun Weygoldt,
Bächlinger Straße 35, Langenburg, Tel. 0 79 05/94 06 77

Schwäbisch Hall
Hallia Venezia (Carnival in February)
Cake and fountain festival (on Pentecost weekend)
Summer night festival (end of August)

Street festival every two years

City festival (every two years),
Flea market in February, June and October,
In addition, there are many wine festivals and social celebrations throughout the summer.

Ask us!

Mustang Jeans Factory Outlet
Würzburger Straße 48, Künzelsau, Tel. 0 79 40/92 52-0

Sigloch Book & Wine
Würzburger Straße 10, Künzelsau, Tel. 0 79 40/98 24 21

Remaining stock and warehouse sales of work clothing, Outdoor and casual wear, Jack Wolfskin store.
Benzstraße 7, Künzelsau-Gaisbach, Tel. 0 79 40/54 80-0

Farmers’ Community
Regional market Hohenlohe, Birkichstraße 10, 74549 Wolpertshausen,

Künzelsauer Weekly market
Tuesday and Friday mornings, city center

Schwäbisch Haller Weekly market
Wednesday and Saturday mornings, marketplace

Golf-Club Heilbronn-Hohenlohe
Hofgasse 12, Friedrichsruhe, Tel. 0 79 41/92 08 13, 18-hole-course

Golfclub Schwäbisch Hall e.V.
Am Golfplatz 1, Schwäbisch Hall-Dörrenzimmern, Tel. 0 79 07/81 90, 18-hole-course

Golf Club Oberrot-Frankenberg
Höhenstraße 54, Oberrot-Frankenberg, Tel. 0 79 77/86 01, 9-hole-course

Golfclub Marhördt
Marhördt 18,Oberrot-Marhördt, Tel. 0 79 77/91 02 77, 18-hole-course

Golfclub Kaiserhöhe
Im Laber 4, Ravenstein-Merchingen, Tel. 0 62 97/3 99, 18-hole-course

Zweirad Zügel
bike rental 
Mariannenstr. 16, Ingelfingen, Tel. 0 79 40/39 13

Heffner Outdoor Events
Canoe, road runner, traditional archery, geocaching, MTB tours, Nordic walking, scythe mowing and much more.
Glenkstraße 1, 74676 Niedernhall, Tel. 07940 548514, Mobil 0151 22684845,

Roland Schierle Aquaristik shop
Fishing cards for the Kocher. Ingelfinger Straße 25, Künzelsau, Tel. 0 79 40/5 59 13

Indoor swimming pool Toll-KÜN
Leisure fun for all ages
Giant slide, steam bath and a colorful children’s pool for the little ones.
Klebweg 17, Künzelsau.
Opening times: Tue – Fri, 3 p.m. – 9 p.m., Sat – Sun, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. .
Tel. 0 79 40/54 76 18

Kocher outdoor pool  at the meadows in Künzelsau.
Outdoor swimming pool pleasure in Künzelsau is close to nature.
You can swim directly in the river in the Kocherfreibad at the Wertwiesen and the bathing area in Künzelau-Kocherstetten. With a separate pool for toddlers and pedal boat rental. Opening times for bathing weather: Mon – Fri, 1pm – 7pm; Weekends, public holidays and vacation: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Solebad Niedernhall
Brückenwiesenweg 29, Niedernhall, Tel. 0 79 40/5 58 32

Schenkenseebad Schwäbisch Hall
Schenkenseestraße 76, Schwäbisch Hall,Tel. 07 91/40 12 81,

Solebad Schwäbisch Hall
Weilerwiese 7, Schwäbisch Hall, Tel. 07 91/75 87-130,

Solymar Bad Mergentheim
Erlenbachweg, Bad Mergentheim, Tel. 0 79 31/965-680,